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Mádara Skincare Review – Organic, Vegan & Cruelty-Free


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I got 3 skincare products from Mádara to try and I can happily say that I love them all.

All of these products are vegan & cruelty-free. So grateful for companies offering cruelty-free products like these because nothing justifies animal testing for beauty products.

So let’s start:


This repair serum is helpful for increasing the dermal water reservoirs of your skin and to protect it from free radical damage. You can apply it in the morning and/or evenings. Personally I’m using it in the morning and evening right now. This beautiful rose-colored serum smells absolutely wonderful, just like roses. (click for shop & more info)



This is probably my favourite product of the 3 I got. It’s an elixir of 8 unique nutrifying dry oils from rare arctic berry seeds, fruits and green vegetables. These oils improve the skin’s hydration, elasticity and comfort. It actually smells like a delicious green healthy smoothie and it feels wonderful on your skin. If I put this oil on my face in the evening, my face feels super soft the next day. I have been a little sceptical at first as I have a rather oily t-zone and feared that putting oil on my skin would make it even more oily and prone to pimples but no – if anything, my skin became clearer. You can use the oil on it’s own or add a few drops to your usual moisturizer. I prefer to combine it with my day cream in the morning and use it on it’s own in the evening. (click for shop & more info)



I love face masks and I always wanted to have a black one! Your face just always feels so good after a face mask and it’s just such a wonderful self-care ritual to take the time to put a mask on your face. So this mask is black because it contains antioxidant-rich Black Northern Mud and Charcoal. The mask contains age-correcting vitamin A, skin-perfecting vitamin B3 (niacin), 17 amino acids and essential minerals to reduce first signs of ageing and recharge the skin with energy. You’re supposed to use this mask 2-3 times a week and leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes. By the way, this mask is very easy to wash off again which is perfect because I don’t like these face masks which take too long to properly wash off again, I’m always too lazy for that. (click for shop & more info)

After using these products for a while now, I can highly recommend them to you. They are just perfect if you want to take care of your skin with high-quality products and at the same time prefer organic and vegan skincare products.

To be completely honest with you: So far I mostly used skincare products from the local drugstore. I didn’t expect it to make such a huge difference to use high-quality organic skincare, seems I was wrong. My skin feels so much softer than it usually does, especially now that it’s winter and the skin struggles with the cold air and heating air so much.

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