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Get to know me: 10 very personal facts


On Instagram I got tagged to share some facts about myself but as these facts got way too long, I decided to share them in a blogpost instead.

This time I decided to share some quite personal facts but let’s start with a rather weird/funny one..

1) I have a problem with wooden things touching my mouth and tongue. I cannot stand ice cream sticks for example, already gives me shivers all over to think about that thing touching my tongue. You might wonder why I use a wooden spoon for eating then. Well.. I don’t. I just use it for decoration purposes in food photos and then eat my food with a normal spoon. I have a bamboo toothbrush and while I think they are an amazing idea, I just can’t use it. I tried it a few times and tried to tell myself it’s fine but no, I just can’t. Brushing my teeth became quite the horror for me with this thing.

2) I don’t have a best (girl)friend. I always had one until I was like 16 years old but after that never. Please don’t pity me, I can’t really say I miss it. My ex-boyfriend is probably my best friend right now.. as weird as this may sound. Actually I didn’t really have a lot of female friends in general over the past few years, only a few. Only recently I got to know a lot of other women again (thanks to Instagram) and while it makes me very happy and I love these girls, I still feel more comfortable around guys, that’s just how it is and I don’t mind.

3) I love starting deep conversations with strangers, especially when I’ve had a few drinks.

4) Speaking of other people, I’ve always felt more drawn to the “weirdos”, “outsiders”,.. whatever you wanna call “them”, just people that I feel are a little bit different and don’t quite fit in. Maybe because I myself always feel as if I never really fit in anywhere.

5) I love metal music, also the more extreme forms of it, but you wouldn’t know if you see me, I guess. Sometimes when I show people what kind of music I like, I get the weird looks which makes me feel like a freak even though to me the music sounds perfectly “normal”.

6) When still being in school I had this idea of studying journalism as I always liked writing, analyzing, summarizing,.. German and English had been 2 of my best subjects. However, I think I got talked out of it by other people which makes me a bit sad today as I still think I would enjoy working for a music magazine or something a lot.

7) I go out to places on my own, no matter if to a concert, to a café or to the swimming pool. I don’t see why you always need some kind of “support” when you want to go somewhere if no one else wants to go. Tbh, often I’m simply too lazy to make the effort to try and find company, so I don’t even ask anyone.

8) I never felt this urge to be a mother and I’m 95% sure I don’t want children, I just feel that’s not my path. However, I could imagine adopting a child at some point in my life, even though I know how complicated and expensive it is. Or maybe to just get into volunteer work. There are so many children that don’t have parents, a home, enough to eat..

9) I’ve never been a  super bubbly or loud person but more introverted and calm. This doesn’t mean I’m shy, I can actually be pretty extroverted as well. I also feel that even while I’m way more positive today, that I will always carry a sort of melancholia with me, it’s just my nature, I guess. But that’s okay, I accept it.

10) There are things in my life and on my mind that I will probably never open up to anyone about, not to strangers online or to people very close to me. Somehow I feel that we all have something, like some deep feelings that cannot even be expressed in words, that simply are yours and yours alone.

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