How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling – 12 Tips

Staying healthy and fit while traveling isn’t possible? Sure it is! Here are 12 tips that hopefully are helpful for you: Make Health A Priority I guess, the most important thing is to start your travels with the right mindset. If you’re already telling yourself “oh, once I’m on vacation, I probably won’t be eating healthy or work out anymore anyway”, this probably is what’s going to happen. On the other hand, if you decide for yourself to keep your healthy lifestyle or at least quite a healthy lifestyle while traveling, you’ll find a way to make it happen only due to… Weiterlesen »How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling – 12 Tips

Surfing & Citylife in Morocco

After my first trip to Morocco earlier this year, I went back to this country again for 2 weeks this month. Last time I visited the rural area in the South but this time I went to Casablanca and Rabat. Rabat is the capital of Morocco. Why Morocco again? There are 3 reasons for this: 1. I fell in love with this country the last time. 2. I wanted to go surfing again which is possible there. 3. One of the surf instructors I knew from the last time asked me if I wanted to visit again and to take surf… Weiterlesen »Surfing & Citylife in Morocco

How to deal better with being anxious and nervous before a trip.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a two-week trip and I’m always pretty nervous before leaving. As soon as I have reached my destination, everything is fine. So, I’m actually not scared about visiting other countries, just the thought of how to get there stresses me out a little. I have already been on several trips now but everytime it’s the same: I’m thinking too much about what to take with me, if I have booked everything right, what could go wrong etc. To be fair, a lot of things went wrong on my last trips.. but anyway, I’m working on myself to worry less… Weiterlesen »How to deal better with being anxious and nervous before a trip.

Why you should travel alone.

At least once in your life. Travelling with other people and being able to share these memories with them when you’re back home is amazing but travlling alone also is. Why? Here are some reasons.. Travelling alone is a big challenge. From the moment you leave the house, you need to find your way around everywhere on your own: Train stations, airports, busy streets in a foreign countries,.. This can be really hard and frustrating but in the end you’ll see that you always arrive at where you wanna go somehow sometime. And when something goes wrong you need to find… Weiterlesen »Why you should travel alone.

Vegan in Venice

Last weekend I went on a trip to Venice for 4 days with my parents. Has been quite a while since I’d travelled together with them but I told them I was planning to visit Venice and they asked if they could join, so why not? 😉 I can remember I’ve always wanted to visit Venice, I just think it’s a city you must’ve seen in your life, it’s so special with being the water city that it is. As often, I booked our accommodation via airbnb, it’s just the easiest and cheapest way to find one. We didn’t stay… Weiterlesen »Vegan in Venice

Surfing in Morocco

I spent the last 2 weeks in Morocco at Deep Curl Surf Camp and just want to tell you a little bit about my trip.. First of all: I did this trip on my own. I always wanted to visit Morocco but not alone as a woman. Then I had the idea of going to a surfcamp so I won’t be all on my own. I wanted to try out surfing again anyway because it’s such a beautiful sport and because I wanted to challenge myself a little with trying to overcome my fear of waves. When I started my trip I… Weiterlesen »Surfing in Morocco

Dream Destination: Scotland & Ireland

These countries both are on my list of countries I want to see in my life. The reason for putting them in an article together is that I think they are quite similar. I guess many people will say now “no, they’re totally different, you can’t compare them” and yes, this is probably true looking at them entirely. What I mean is that they both are an European island respectively belong to one and are located in the same area. They also both have beautiful nature like their highlands and divine coasts. I would be okay with visiting only one of the two… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Scotland & Ireland

Dream Destination: Hawaii

Time for another country from my future travel wishlist! All my life I’ve never really been interested in visiting the US. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to visitng New York for a day for example, just because I thing a city like that with all those huge buildings has to be fascinating but apart from that – no real interest for my part. And it’s still not a dream of mine to go there – except for Hawaii! By now.. Why by now? Well, actually my interest in Hawaii has only just risen within the last few months.. after I got into Instagram. 😀… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Hawaii

Dream Destination: The land of the thousand lakes aka Finland

Another country from my wishlist and yet another one up in the North! I already visited the two other “long” countries (aka Sweden & Norway, always call those 3 the long countries..) but I always had a soft spot for Finland. Sounds strange but it all started with music. Better said with metal music, better said with Nightwish. Okay, I know, this sounds ridiculous like “You like a country because of a band”? No, of course it’s not like this. But before I got into their music I didn’t really think about Finland, why would I? 😉 So they inspired… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: The land of the thousand lakes aka Finland

Dream Destination: Costa Rica

I wanted to visit Costa Rica from the moment I saw lots of photos some time ago of a guy I follow on facebook so that’s why it is on my travel wishlist. I think he did some volunteer work there. I’d absolutely love to do volunteer working, I’ve never done anything like this before. Sure, you get no money for working but you do something useful and I think this has to be such a good feeling. And you still get an accommodation and food. Plus you’re surrounded by people from many different countries all day and also by locals as you live… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Costa Rica