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Why vegan?


„Be the change you want to see in the world.“ – Mahatma Gandhi

That’s why. I used to think that one single person doesn’t make a difference but I completely changed my way of thinking.

I’ve known for years that something went completely wrong in our world today. I knew about the suffering of the animals. I’ve never been someone who said „if you buy organic animal products it’s ok, it comes from happy animals“. I kept on eating everything anway because I was really good in suppressing these things (like so many people are..).

I even admired vegans but I said „I think it’s great but I could never do it myself“. Well, turned out I can.


I just turned vegan about two months ago but I know that I’ll never go back again. I’m so happy and more at peace with myself now that I’m doing something good for the animals, the environment and my own health. About the health aspects I just found out later when I started watching some videos related to the health aspects of veganism and when I started researching for my bachelor thesis which will be about the health aspects of a vegan diet.


One thing that’s also great: I’ve overcome my fear of food. In the past years, especially before my 20s, I struggled with disordered eating, gaining weight, losing weight,.. all those things many women go through today. And this is completely gone because I know I’m eating so much healthier food now. It also helps not to have a guilty conscience while eating. In the end of my „normal“ diet all I could think about when eating animal products was where those products come from and how much suffering is connected to them.


So I can only recommend you to give vegan a try. It’s not complicated, it’s not dangerous, it’s not expensive and it’s no sacrifice at all, it’s pure joy.

You should inform yourself though, of course, how to eat healthily to prevent deficiency signs but in my opinion you should also do this when eating an omnivorous diet.


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