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No formaggio, please.


Finally a more current travel report..

In April this year I went to Sicily with my boyfriend for a few days – my first vegan vacation!
I was a little worried about getting vegan food there but it was absolutely no problem. In Italy you can always eat pasta with vegetable sauce, pizza without cheese, antipasti,.. You just have to make it clear to the waiters which can be a little tricky if you’re not talking any Italien, like me. So I just always said „no formaggio, no formaggio“ and made funny gestures. 😀 So it really was no problem.


We rented a car from Goldcar and booked a cheap – and very beautiful and big – room via rbnb which was rent out by an old married couple. I was so happy when we arrived and there was a bunch of fruit in our room and an almond milk in the fridge. 😀 The two Sicilians were really friendly, showed us around, gave us information and even wanted to go out for dinner with us. The man showed us the wonderful lemon garden next to the house and a hidden place for bathing in the sea.


Though the water was very cold we went there for bathing in the morning almost every day and at our last day we went to the little port in town to bath there which was also wonderful because at the other place it was quite tricky to get into the water because of all the rocks there.


On our second day after arriving we went to the vulcano Etna. My boyfriend had his bike with him to cycle the down after and all the way back home to our room while I would walk and drive back home with the car alone. So we went up by ropeway, walked the last bit up which took about 2 hours. We could have taken the bus up but we didn’t want to pay any more and we wanted to hike a little, of course, and not just drive. The landscape there was really fascinating. We couldn’t get to the highest crater though because it would have been too dangerous as the vulcano is still active.


The next days we kept it calm and just relaxed, went out for dinner, went to Catania and went for another hike on our last day on which the weather wasn’t the best unfortunately, it was quite rainy. The nature we hiked through was beautiful anyway and look quite nice because of all the fog. Catania is a wonderful big ancient city but of course it was full of tourists and it was quite expensive to visit the theatre there which was a little sad. We expected it to be like this though. We went to the theatre anyway because it is so famous and people told us how beautiful it is. It really was beautiful but not worth the money we paid, I think.


After just a few days we went home again because sadly both of us couldn’t take more time off and we couldn’t have afforded staying much longer anyway. I can only recommend Sicily as a destination though, it’s a beautiful region with friendly people, beautiful nature and delicious food.


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