Staying healthy when working fulltime / having little time?

Many people say they don’t have the time for eating healthy and working out when they have a fulltime job. Especially a 9-5 job can be tricky as you leave the house in the morning and come home in the evening so you don’t have a full morning afternoon to get something done. I know how it feels, I just started working a fulltime job this week again but so far everything is fine. On a sidenote: No, I’m not sharing my experiences from 3 days of working, I already worked fulltime before I went studying and had quite a long… Read More »Staying healthy when working fulltime / having little time?

“Do I have an eating disorder?”

I guess there are people out there asking themselves this question. This may sound weird because you’d think that if you have one, you know it. But no, it’s not as easy as that. When I developed eating problems as a teenager I did not know I have an eating disorder even when I clearly had one. And it was not because I was denying it. It simply didn’t get to my mind that what I was doing was a mental disease. I thought I was just really good at loosing weight, that I was smart and found the right… Read More »“Do I have an eating disorder?”

Supplement Vitamin B12.

Do it. You won’t get the amount of B12 you need from your vegan diet. A B12 deficiency is really dangerous. It can lead to irreparable anaemia, nerve damages and mucosal damages. It’s possible for a deficieny to show up only after years as the storage lasts quite long and especially in vegans it can be hard to feel a deficiency because we often eat lots of folate which can cover the symptoms. Let me explain to you briefly where B12 comes from: Only special bacterias and no higher plants or animals are able to produce B12. Humans and animals also produce it… Read More »Supplement Vitamin B12.

Where to get your protein from…

As soon as you go vegan, many people start to worry and as you “but where do you get your protein from?” The strange thing is that you often get this from people who usually do not concern themselves about nutrition and do not have a good knowledge about it. But when talking about veganism somehow everyone seems to turn into a dietician. Maybe this sounds familiar to you? 😉 Back to topic.. protein. Protein is not a thing to worry about when eating a vegan diet. Actually this sentence says it all but let me explain to you more detailed: You only… Read More »Where to get your protein from…

Pasta makes you fat?

I know, there are many people out there who think pasta is the devil. But let me tell you one thing: It’s not. I eat lots and lots of vegan and guess what? I’m not gaining weight from it. On the contrary: Pasta makes me feel full and satisfied so I don’t feel the need to get something unhealthy afterwards. To all of you who struggle with preparing healthy meals because you feel like not having the time, just take pasta! It’s such an allrounder. So often I just throw together pasta with veggies, some pesto or sauce, that’s it.… Read More »Pasta makes you fat?

The Perfect Diet

First of all: Of course, this is only my personal opinion. As I studied health promotion and have quite a lot of personal experience regarding this topic as well, I don’t think I shouldn’t sell myself short though. 😉 So, what is the perfect diet? In my opinion there is no such thing as a perfect diet. BUT what I definitely believe in is that a vegan diet is the best choice for anyone as I don’t think eating products coming from animal cruelty fuel your body and soul well. I don’t agree with people who say “our bodies are different and for… Read More »The Perfect Diet

Healthy, quick & vegan: Oatmeal

No, this is not going to be a recipe post, just a small post about my love for oatmeal. <3 😀 Especially now that the days are getting colder again, I really crave my warm oatmeal. It just makes me feel so comfortable. I always loved oatmeal, even before going vegan. I think it’s just such a delicious meal and it’s so simple. I personally mostly eat it for breakfast but also for lunch or dinner sometimes. Oatmeal really makes it easy to eat a healthy breakfast even if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning. It usually takes me about… Read More »Healthy, quick & vegan: Oatmeal

You want to be vegan but “your friends and family won’t respect it “?

For me this was the main reason which kept me from going vegan I have to admit. That I’d always have to justify myself for something you seriously shouldn’t have to justify for at all.

And yes, at first I got reactions like “this is so exaggerated”, “but what are you allowed to eat now?”, “isn’t that unhealthy?”, “Vegan? Oh come on..” etc. But I think if you really stand up for something you believe in it’s not a big deal. If people won’t leave you alone just say something like “Please let’s not talk about this anymore. I respect you and your choice, please also respect mine.”. It’s also helpful when you know what you’re talking about, for example the facts why veganism is a good thing and where you get all your nutrients from.

And don’t worry about being impolite when refusing food someone offers you. I know it can be difficult when someone for example made a cake and you don’t want to hurt that person’s feelings. But you can just let them know that it’s nothing personal and that it looks good and that you’re sure it also tastes great. Hopefully they will understand.


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You want to be vegan but “it’s too complicated and time-consuming”?

Another reason that people bring up is that it’s too complicated and time-consuming to prepare vegan food and that they aren’t good at cooking anyway. I myself am no gourmet cook. For about 95% of my meals I don’t even use recipes, I just throw together what I have in the kitchen. 😀 But if you use the simple healthy foods like rice, potatos, vegetables,.. that I mentioned in my last post you can’t really do anything wrong with this method. I just use recipes sometimes when I really want to make something special (mostly when I cook for others) and for baked goods. Even vegan baking is not more complicated than baking with animal products though. If you are a person that needs recipes for cooking just buy a vegan cookbook or look online for simple recipes. Meanwhile there are thousands of them. 😉

This is not a recipe blog but anyway I want to give you some inspiration of the simple vegan meals I’m talking about as I don’t have anything left to say about this topic. I will just share with you photos of some of my vegan meals below..


oatmeal with fruit


spaghetti with guacamole & tomatos

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You want to be vegan but “being vegan is too expensive”?

At the moment I’m still studying and I turned vegan while being a student as well. For me it’s no problem to afford living vegan and I live on a veeery low budget, I can tell you. 😉 I never understand when people that even have more than double the money I have say that they can’t afford it. For me I can say that I even spend less money on food as I don’t buy expensive things like cheese (if you don’t buy the cheapest one..) and fish anymore.


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