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Halloween Breakfast – Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl


Okay, to be honest.. I don’t even like Halloween.
However, I truly believe pumpkin smoothie bowls make a perfect Halloween breakfast.

I mean, what else would you wanna eat on Halloween other than pumpkin?

And since I’ve been obsessed with my pumpkin smoothie bowls this whole month of October, I thought I might as well share how I make it with you.

I don’t measure out my ingredients when making a smoothie as I believe it’s always best to experiment a little to get the perfect taste and texture. Anyway, here’s how to make it:

You will need:

2-3 ripe bananas
10-15 big chunks of pumpkin (butternut or hokkaido)
small handful of raisins
plant milk of choice

Cook your pumpkin until it’s soft. After that mix all the ingredients in a blender and well.. that’s it.

You can either add the pumpkin right after cooking when it’s still hot to get a warm smoothie or you can let it cool down. As we have pretty cold October mornings here in Germany, I definitely prefer eating my smoothie bowl warm.

How much pumpkin you add totally depends on personal taste. If you don’t want to taste the bananas too much you add more pumpkin or less bananas. Same goes for the cinnamon and milk. If you like your smoothie to be quite thick, add as little milk as possible, add more milk if you prefer it to be more liquid.

When it comes to toppings the options are endless!
As a suggestion: I love to use dates, oats, walnuts, roasted buckwheat, amaranth and cacao nibs.

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