Dream Destination: The Island of Fire and Ice aka Iceland

Iceland is another place of those I want to visit once in my life. I can’t say I’m seeing myself going there too soon as I’ve already spent about half a year up in the North last year. What I desire at the moment are warm and tropical countries so I make them my priority. Anyway, I definitely want to go to this island in the north sometime in my life. I’ve always been quite a winter child and all the countries in the North have always been so appealing to me. I always found Iceland fascinating as it seems to be… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: The Island of Fire and Ice aka Iceland

Dream Destination: Morocco

Another country which I have on my wishlist, already for a long time actually. I was thinking about visiting Morocco with my boyfriend some years ago because we were looking for a country not too far away where I could make my surf course. In the end we decided to go to France though.. Morocco is a country about which I actually don’t know a lot. So why do I want to go there? Good question. I’ve always felt some strange attachment to the Arabian countries. I guess it’s because it’s so different from our Western society. The culture, the religion, the… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Morocco

To feel like a child again.

Today I went to the swimming pool as I didn’t want to go running outside because of the grey and rainy weather. Watching the children there and how excited they are made me think back to my childhood. I remembered how I was the same as a child. Always excited when being somewhere like a swimming pool, shopping center, cinema,.. Every day was so special somehow, like little adventures. I always was so curious and discovered new things. The days felt so much longer back then than they do now. Today I’m not excited when going to the swimming pool, it’s just nothing… Weiterlesen »To feel like a child again.

Dream Destination: Oz aka Australia

Put another country on my bucket list.. 😉 I already wrote an article about why I want to go to New Zealand and that I would like to do some work & travel there. The reason why I chose New Zealand and didn’t mention Australia before is that I thought New Zealand is more beautiful and more special. But after some researching I found out that for Eurpoeans Australia is much more different and exotic than New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to visit New Zealand but I thought about maybe doing some work & travel in Australia… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Oz aka Australia

A better “Germany”?

Just a short post about Austria because in my opinion, Austria is such an underrated country. When I was younger and still went on vacation with my parents, I visited almost every corner of Austria as this was the only country where my parents wanted to go. I also went to Italy and Spain with them once but this was when I was reeeally young. And even later I’ve been to Austria almost every year for a few days. Although I think it’s quite boring to go on holidays in the same country every year when there are so many great… Weiterlesen »A better “Germany”?

Dream Destination: Venice, London, Rome & Istanbul

So far there are only these four countries on my travel wishlist:  Venice, London, Rome & Istanbul To be honest, I can’t even explain why thse four but I’ll try. 😉 Venice: I’ve always thought that this city is so romantic. And I don’t mean this because of the gondolas. 😉 I can’t even explain why I get this feeling but  I still remember that my wish to visit this city started with these books I’ve read as a teenager. I just feel such a special atmosphere when looking at photos from this city and reading stories about it. It’s so old and… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Venice, London, Rome & Istanbul

Dream Destination: Thailand

Another country from my bucket list: Thailand. So, why do I want to go there? I guess, to people that are familiar with the online “vegan community” it’s pretty obvious. Everyone seems to go there and though I’m definitely not a follower who does everything other people do, I got pretty hooked on going there by seeing videos and photos about all the beautiful places you can find there and, of course, all that delicious tropical fruit. I’d love to attend the Thai Fruit Festival one day which is organized by Freelee and Durianrider each year but I’m sure it won’t happen… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Thailand

Dream Destination: Middle Earth aka New Zealand

So this is the first part of my blog series of dream destinations that I have on my current bucket list and it’s about why I’d love to visit New Zealand one day. Since hearing about New Zealand being the country that’s farthest away from Middle Europe I’ve been fascinated by it. And also by watching The Lord of the Rings, I guess many people know this syndrome. 😉 I’d absolutely love to visit Hobbiton.. I mean, how awesome is that? 😀 What I love about New Zealand is that the landscape is so diverse: You have the ocean, beaches, forests, meadows and… Weiterlesen »Dream Destination: Middle Earth aka New Zealand

Looking back and forward to winter.

Last year in winter we made a one day trip to Oberstdorf in Germany/Bavaria.. I’ve always been quite a winter child. There have been years in my life when I couldn’t stand summer. Don’t ask me why.. 😀 I was just looking forward to the colder seasons all the time during summer. Nowadays I like all the seasons as they all have their pros and cons and I also learned to appreciate summer and it’s warm weather. Especially early summer mornings and late evenings are magical. I’m still not the one for the biggest heat though. But this post is not… Weiterlesen »Looking back and forward to winter.

Future Travel Plans

I thought I’d make a little bucket list of the places I’d love to visit. To be honest with you, at the moment I don’t have the possibility to go anywhere as I’ve just finished studying and have no money left. So I need to work for quite a while now to afford travelling. But this doesn’t keep me from dreaming and making plans. 😉 I was thinking about maybe doing some work & travel first before I’m 30 (as I’m too old after) to save some additional money to visit other places afterwards. The problem is that it’s not easily… Weiterlesen »Future Travel Plans