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You can’t be 100% vegan.


Often when talking to other people that aren’t vegan, you get the argument that „you can’t be 100% vegan anyway“.

In my opinion, this statement is absolutely true. You can’t be vegan/perfect to the fullest as a human. Somehow there will always be animals that suffer for you. Vegans also need food and to get fruits, vegetables, grain,.. smaller animals like insects or mice will die in the process of getting them. Vegans also use computers or drive cars and while I’m not really sure for what exactly animals suffer to make those products, they certainly do. And yes, vegans also pollute the environment with using cars, planes, plastic products etc., if you consider the environmental aspect of veganism.

It is simply not possible in our modern society to be that „perfect“ human being that doesn’t do any harm to this planet and its creatures. You shouldn’t use this argument though to justify why you’re not vegan as it simply isn’t an argument at all. As a vegan you still harm less animals and contribute to damaging our earth much less than any non-vegan.

I believe that this thinking that you can’t be perfect anyway scares a lot of people away from even trying to become vegan, also because of other vegans that can be really judgemental if you make a „mistake“. For me this definitely was one point that kept me from going vegan. I thought that it’s too hard to do everything perfectly and that I can’t avoid animals getting harmed for me completely, that I as a single person can’t change anything anyway. But it’s not necessary for anyone to be perfect. If just everyone tried to do his best to reduce animal cruelty and save our planet, those good things would sum up and make this world a better place.

Doing something is always better than doing nothing at all.


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