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9 things I’m grateful for in 2019.


1) Before anything else I’m beyond grateful for my partner and all the love and support he shows me and the love I feel within myself. It’s not always been easy with our situation and it probably won’t get any easier in the future but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the little life I have with him.. with him and the dogs. <3 And not to forget about his wonderful family that welcomed me with open arms as if I’d always been part of to the family.

2) I’m also grateful for my own parents and the endless love and emotional support I constantly receive from them even though they might not always understand the way I live my life or agree with it. I always feel sorry when I think about them spending Christmas alone for the second year in a row, knowing how much they would love for me to come home.

3) Talking about human connections: My year wouldn’t have been the same without all the wonderful people I’m lucky to have in my life or have been lucky enough to meet: friends from back home, the people from the small country town I live in, people I met when travelling, work mates at the different jobs I had, people I partied with, had deep conversations with, learned from..

Knowing there are people who have nobody in their life and suffer from loneliness, especially during this time of the year, we should never take the people we have in our life for granted.

4) This year I haven’t travelled (for fun) as much as the year before but I’m grateful for the little trips I made anyway, they all have been special in their own little way. It’s not always about the big world travels.

5) Some trips I made had been for jobs here in Australia and I’m so grateful for all these different jobs and everything they taught me and for how much stronger they have made me – mentally and physically. I just counted.. I’ve had about 8 different jobs this year – how crazy’s that?

6) Talking about work: I’m so so grateful for having overcome my doubts and fears so that I finally took the opportunity to start a new online business by joining a wonderful community and I’m excited for where all this will lead me in the future.

7) I’m also grateful for all the money I made this year with all my jobs and what that money allowed me to invest in and experience. I literally had weeks when I made more money than I ever have in my life.. something you wouldn’t expect when leaving your home country to go travelling. But it’s not just about the big dollars, I’m grateful for every cent I made. „Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.“

8) One of the most beautiful and unexpected things that happened to me was finally being released from all the joint aches and other little health issues I’ve suffered from for about 2 years. For months I couldn’t get up in the morning without almost not being able to stand on my feet because of the pain it caused me. I’m beyond grateful that I decided to change my diet which by accident also led me to the realization that the way I’d eaten for years had caused all my health issues. You only realize how much your life quality decreases when you’re not feeling healthy and painfree.

9) I’m grateful for the person I’ve become. For how much I’ve changed – in a positive way – for how much I’ve learned, how much I had to broaden my horizon, for how much stronger I’ve become by going through a lot of challenging times and for how much more trust I have in this life today.

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