Shift your mindset.

How I got to where I am? Taking risks, travelling to the other side of the world, always being open for new experiences, learning new skills all the time, opening doors I didn’t know were there,…?⁣ I shifted my mindset. Growing up we learn a lot of limiting beliefs in our Western society. ⁣We learn that living basically means going to school, studying, getting a „safe“ (hello Covid19) job, paying the bills.⁣⁣This seems to be the only correct path to follow.⁣Isn’t it weird how most people don’t seem to be too happy doing this?⁣Or should I better say: It’s NOT… Weiterlesen »Shift your mindset.

Trust the timing of your life.

“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets accomplished.” And we are a part of nature, too. In this day and age we’re so used to instant gratification because we can just get anything we want at anytime really – social interaction, likes, entertainment,… We aren’t used to waiting and being patient anymore, we want to have everything right now in this very moment. And if it doesn’t happen right away, we might think it’s not worth it, we‘re a failure or it wasn’t meant to happen. But hey – good things often take a bit of time, right? The funny thing… Weiterlesen »Trust the timing of your life.

Why I ditched the vegan label.

First of all: This will probably be the longest blogpost I’ve ever written but please make sure to read it all if you want to understand where I’m coming from. After you’ve done that feel free to judge me or unfollow me on social media if you still feel like doing so. Thank you. Oh and don’t worry, this is not the next “my vegan diet made me sick that’s why I quit” kind of story and it also has nothing to do with other vegans who’ve recently quit veganism but with all the personal changes I went through the… Weiterlesen »Why I ditched the vegan label.

Don’t be jealous, be inspired.

To be completely honest with you: I’ve been jealous of others a lot for a long period of my life. Thoughts that went through my head were for example “why is she so pretty”, “why does she have this hot boyfriend”, “her life looks so perfect”, “everyone likes her, why can’t I be more like her” etc. And let’s face it: I guess most people can relate. And it’s human to have feelings and thoughts like this. In fact, jealousy itself isn’t a bad thing. It shows us what we desire and how we’d like our lives to look like. The… Weiterlesen »Don’t be jealous, be inspired.