7 lessons 2020 has taught me.

I see so many people say that not much has happened in 2020 but looking back, for me that’s actually not true – especially not for the first half of the year. Quite a bit has happened in my life in 2020 and it has also taught me some lessons: Don’t ever take what you have for granted. Your situation might not be perfect but there will maybe come a time that you wish yourself back to this life you have right now and realize how beautiful and special it actually was. Being in a low place is okay. Feeling… Weiterlesen »7 lessons 2020 has taught me.

9 things I’m grateful for in 2019.

1) Before anything else I’m beyond grateful for my partner and all the love and support he shows me and the love I feel within myself. It’s not always been easy with our situation and it probably won’t get any easier in the future but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the little life I have with him.. with him and the dogs. <3 And not to forget about his wonderful family that welcomed me with open arms as if I’d always been part of to the family. 2) I’m also grateful for my own parents and… Weiterlesen »9 things I’m grateful for in 2019.