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What to love about winter and how to stay positive & healthy during this season.

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas..❄️⛄ I know, many people don’t like winter and really struggle with staying happy and positive. Some people get seriously depressed during that time. I’m a person that loves winter (not driving through snow with my car though..). There are a lot of things to love about christmas time and winter time in general. However, not gonna lie – I often struggle with keeping a positive mindset during this cold and dark season as well. So let me share with you a few things that help me to cheer up and that make…


Vegan DIY Advent Calendar

  [English Below] Ich dachte, ich schreibe diesen Beitrag mal auch auf Deutsch, da es sich ohnehin hauptsächlich um deutsche Produkte handelt, die ich für den Adventskalender benutzt habe und das daher für Leute aus Deutschland vermutlich doch relevanter ist. Ich wollte gerne einen Adventskalender für meine Eltern füllen, was sich vegan doch gar nicht so einfach gestaltet, da die meisten kleinen Weihnachtssüßigkeiten von den gängigen Marken eher nicht vegan sind. Meine Eltern leben zwar nicht vegan, aber natürlich möchte ich mit meinem Geld dennoch ungern nicht-vegane Produkte unterstützen. Ich habe mich daher auf die Suche nach kleinen Dingen gemacht,…

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Identity Crisis.. at the end of my 20s?

When you are in your teens, you are confused. You don’t really know who you are or who you wanna be. You know that it is normal and you believe that you’ll have it all figured out once you’re and adult and “grown up”. And here I sit, more confused than ever.. For all my life I’ve felt this weird inner “identity conflict”. I feel too versatile to feel steady. I like so many different things that don’t really fit together and I get thrilled by different things, different ideas and different lifestyles so easily. One day I’m obsessed with this…


French fries are unhealthy? Forget about that..

I wasn’t sure if this is actually worth a post but then I decided it is because: So many people complain about French fries being so unhealthy and having lots of calories and fat and that this is the reason they don’t eat them. Good news: You do not have to deny yourself French fries! Potatoes themselves are actually a health food, full of good stuff such as vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and fiber. They also contain a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity. At the same time they are low in calories and contain no cholesterol or fat. French fries…

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If you were someone else, who would be you?

Often you want to be someone else. To have another person’s amazing life, looks, experiences, partner, friends, job,.. don’t you?  But is this actually true? When you think about it: Being someone else also means giving up everything you have. Giving up all the people in your life, all your own talents, all your little flaws that make you lovable, all your memories and experiences, everything you’ve struggled with and mastered so far,.. giving up yourself as a person. You wouldn’t be here anymore, all your very own thoughts and feelings would simply disappear because: If you were someone else, who…


Three easy ways to use pumpkin.

It’s pumpkin season, yay! But.. how do you prepare them for eating without any complicated recipes, you might be asking yourself? Good news: You don’t need a lot of time or crazy kitchen skills for a simple and quick pumpkin meal, that’s why I love them so much. I’m actually pretty lazy when it comes to cooking and don’t like to waste a lot of time in the kitchen that’s why I never use any long recipes for which you need tons of ingredients but rather keep it super simple. So, to give you some inspiration, here are 3 ways in…


Getting into meditation: My experience with “Headspace”

I’ve heard a lot of people, especially happy and successful people, talk about what benefits they get from meditating regularly. Even my ex-boyfriend was always meditating when we were together and I saw it was doing him good. I never meditated in the past. I sometimes tuned in some guided meditation on my laptop before going to bed to be able to fall asleep easier. This works really good for me but I wouldn’t really say that I was meditating as the purpose of meditating isn’t to fall asleep, I guess.. A few weeks ago I heard about the app called “Headspace” for the first time….


Don’t look for love, let it find you.

“You will find love when the time is right, when destiny calls, not before. Desperation is a terrible perfume.” – Leon Brown Something I noticed is that a lot of people complain about being lonely and not finding a partner. Honestly, I believe that this is where the „problem“ starts: trying to find a partner. I’ve made the experience that love tends to happen suddenly. It comes to you when you least expect it, in situations when you least need it and when you simply don’t look for it. I remember that when I was younger, I was stressed out…


Eat slower, feel better.

Sometimes I catch myself eating too fast and not feeling my best afterwards. I believe a lot of people have this problem. In our stressful times, we of often don’t have the time to spend a lot of time on eating or we just don’t appreciate the food we have enough to take our time to fully and slowly enjoy it as it is available all the time. We all know that it is pretty unhealthy to eat very quickly though. First of all, the feeling of satiety usually just kicks in after 15-20 minutes so that we tend to eat more than we…


How to attract people into your life? Love who you are.

You know these cool people? These people that anyone knows, that everyone thinks are just so cool and with whom people wanna hang out with? I’m sure you do, we all do. So, here’s a little story: When I was a teenager and even a little bit older, I went out quite a lot at the weekends and I always looked up to these “cool” people who always got invited to parties and stuff without even asking. They just seemed to be so cool that they didn’t have to ask anyone, everyone was just asking them as they wanted their…