My 5-Day Juice Cleanse Experience

[Enthält Werbung/Contains Advertising]   I said goodbye to coffee, oatmeal, chocolate, nut butter, pancakes and all my other favourite foods for 5 days from 21th to 25th November because of a 5-day juice fast. For the fast I decided to use the juices from www.green-detox.de because I loved their products when researching for different companies. They offer a lot of different treatments. 1 day, 3 days, 5 days,.. and also with different products. I got my delivery on time as promised and felt very well supported during my fast. I chose the 5-day treatment with 4x 500ml green juice, 1x 250ml… Weiterlesen »My 5-Day Juice Cleanse Experience

Exercise “Comeback” Motivation

As you might know, I love running and usually I run about 8-10km on 3-4 days every week. From October to December last year, I had a 3-month break from running because of knee pain that I always got after running. I went to the doctor but the reason for this pain couldn’t be found so that I just decided to take a break from running to try and cure my knee. Just as a little side note.. that’s not what this post is about. What I want to tell you with this blogpost is to get back into your usual exercise… Weiterlesen »Exercise “Comeback” Motivation

My 3-day juice cleanse experience.

I’ve heard so many people talking about their experiences with juice fasting or juice cleansing, whatever you may call it, so I decided to give it a go. Definitely not to lose weight because that’s not what fasting is about and even if you lose some weight, it’s not sustainable when you don’t eat a healthy diet for the rest of the year. I simply wanted to do this out of curiosity, I’ve never done anything like this before. As I said, I’ve heard a lot about it – good and bad things – so I wanted to try it myself to… Weiterlesen »My 3-day juice cleanse experience.

Eat slower, feel better.

Sometimes I catch myself eating too fast and not feeling my best afterwards. I believe a lot of people have this problem. In our stressful times, we of often don’t have the time to spend a lot of time on eating or we just don’t appreciate the food we have enough to take our time to fully and slowly enjoy it as it is available all the time. We all know that it is pretty unhealthy to eat very quickly though. First of all, the feeling of satiety usually just kicks in after 15-20 minutes so that we tend to eat more than we… Weiterlesen »Eat slower, feel better.

Vegan for Ethics / Vegan for Health

Today I want express my opinion on these two different “kinds” of veganism. First of all: I myself went vegan 100% only for the animals, not for my health or because I want to lose weight. Of course, I learned about the other benefits of going vegan quite quickly, including the environmental ones, but I guess, I would have never turned vegan if it wasn’t for the animals. Why is that? Well, to me it is just so easy to be and stay vegan when I think about all the animals suffering for our pleasure. Right before finally going vegan, I couldn’t… Weiterlesen »Vegan for Ethics / Vegan for Health

Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Exercise

In my last post I gave some tips on what to do to keep a healthy diet, this time I want to talk about exercising. Especially when having a job where you sit all day it’s really important to get some sport to stay happy and healthy. First of all: When I started running regularly about 4 years ago, I was actually working full time and it even was autumn at that time which means the days were getting light later and dark earlier here in Germany. I still managed to start implementing a running routine, being unsporting and starting with zero… Weiterlesen »Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Exercise

Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Eating

Like I said in my previous post, I’d like to share some tips with you on how to eat healthy when you have limited time. So let’s get straight to the point, here’s what I’m doing: Eat a wholefood plantbased diet! For me this is the healthiest diet in the world and the cheapest and simplest as well! If you don’t have a lot of time between getting up in the morning and due to that have no time for breakfast, try to get up at least 15-20min earlier to get in a healthy breakfast – you will get used to this… Weiterlesen »Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Eating

Staying healthy when working fulltime / having little time?

Many people say they don’t have the time for eating healthy and working out when they have a fulltime job. Especially a 9-5 job can be tricky as you leave the house in the morning and come home in the evening so you don’t have a full morning afternoon to get something done. I know how it feels, I just started working a fulltime job this week again but so far everything is fine. On a sidenote: No, I’m not sharing my experiences from 3 days of working, I already worked fulltime before I went studying and had quite a long… Weiterlesen »Staying healthy when working fulltime / having little time?

You want to be vegan but you “have no discipline for being vegan”?

First of all: I thought about making some posts about the most common reasons people bring up for not being vegan. And I’m talking about people that actually think being vegan is the right choice, understand what it’s about and who admire vegans as I was one of those myself. So I’m not talking about reasons like “humans are naturally carnivores”. 😀

So, this one is about discipline.

I always though vegans need a lot of discipline to resist all the delicious “temptations” that are out there. I thought I could never do it because it’s too hard to say goodbye to all the stuff I ate before. And it is true: I am not a person with the most discipline when it comes to eating. I mean, I didn’t eat crap before becoming vegan, in fact I was eating quite healthy with lots of fruit, vegetables, oatmeal,.. well, healthy for an omnivor diet when I still thought milk is good for you. 😉 And I guess I had a little advantage in adopting to a healthy vegan diet because of that. But I couldn’t do things like cutting out lactose or gluten for a week just to try if it changes something for example. And I didn’t really want to because I was quite crazy about discipline in eating/not eating when I was younger (the usual struggles of a young woman..) and I didn’t want to get this unhealthy relationship with food back again.

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