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Personal Development

Starting your own business means stepping out of your comfort zone, taking risks, overcoming challenges, working on your mindset, learning new skills and taking responsibility for your life. With all of this, personal growth is inevitable.

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Starting this business allows you to work alongside inspiring and supportive people who all share the same dream: more freedom, healing this world by promoting health and sustainability, financial independence and
living life on their own terms.

Business Know-How

Even if you don't know anything about working online yet and have no idea about things such as online marketing or how to build a social media following, this is the place for you to learn. Working online is the future so knowing about these things is a big advantage.

Hey, my name is Alexandra. 

I was born and raised in Germany but have travelled a lot of beautiful places on this Earth since then. 

Growing up I never wanted to work for myself but I had a completely outdated picture in my mind about what that even means. This changed after learning about how people work online from anywhere in the world, the so called “digital nomads”. 

I realized that through the internet the world has changed and that having your own business doesn’t necessarily mean investing ten thousands of dollars, renting a firm building, employing a lot of people and sitting in an office all day just as you do in a corporate job. 

For years now I’ve been learning a lot about business related topics, especially online and social media marketing, which made me confident enough to start making money online myself and to help others do the same.

In 2020 I became an independent distributor for a machine that produces electrolyzed reduced water and have since then been promoting health, and sustainability while working with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, mentoring others to create financial, location, time and inner freedom and a lifestyle they truly desire.

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