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About Me

Get to know me.

My name is Alexandra.
I was born in ’88 and grew up in a small town in South Germany.


In May 2018 I left my old life in Germany behind to travel to Indonesia where I spent 3 wonderful and inspiring months before flying to Australia. I spent 2 years living mainly in the Australian outback before flying back to Germany in August 2020. Now that I’m back in Germany I focus on my online business because after having experienced a life full of freedom and doing what I love, there is no way I can just go back to my old life working a 9-5 office job.


After graduating from highschool, I went did an apprenticeship in the wholesale and export trade and worked in that field for one more year. Eventually I decided to leave the company after that year to study health promotion. After graduating I went back to working in my old job for another company as my only goal back then was to save up money to go travelling long-term, a big dream of mine.  After getting my degree I wasn’t really too interested in the jobs that fit what I had studied anyway as they were mostly about implementing and evaluating health programs for companies which is not what I want to do. I chose my field of study as I had always been interested in health and nutrition and my dream was to help individuals with my knowledge and experience. Whilst travelling my interests shifted and I also started another business online, the reason why I haven’t pursued the health coaching path even though the whole topic of health is still something very present in my personal life.


What is this website all about?


I want to be open with you and share personal thoughts about whatever comes to my mind. I know a lot of people struggle with the same things in life or have the same ideas and just don’t know that there is someone who feels exactly the same. We all want to grow as people, be healthy, have loving relationships and live a happy life that aligns with our values and beliefs. It’s so inspiring to hear about other people’s unique stories. I hope that the stories and tips I share, are inspiring and helpful for others as well. Working on my mindset, especially my money mindset, has been such a gamechanger in my life. I believe that no matter what you do and want to achieve – it all starts with your mindset.


Growing up I never wanted to be self-employed but I had a completely outdated picture in my mind about what it means to be self-employed which changed after learning about how people work online from anywhere in the world, so called „digital nomads“. I realized that through the internet the world has changed and that having your own business doesn’t necessarily mean investing ten thousands of dollars, renting a firm building, employing a lot of people and sitting in an office all day just as you do in a corporate job. For years now I’ve been learning a lot about business related topics, especially online and social media marketing, which made me confident enough to start making money online myself and to help others do the same.

Holistic Health

I’ve been interested in living a healthy lifestyle for years and in 2012 at the age of 23 I quit my office job to go and study something I’m truly passionate about. 3 years later I finished my studies with a bachelor degree in health promotion. Since then I’ve come a long way. I’ve learnt a lot about different diets and made my own experiences with different ways of eating, working out and just different lifestyles in general. One example is that I’d been a vegan for almost 4 years, even wrote my bachelor thesis on this topic, but in the end I came to the conclusion that I need to go into another direction for different reasons, my health being one of them. 


I’ve done my fair share of travelling, a lot of it being solo travelling, and through this have learnt a lot about myself , other countries, cultures and people. I’m so grateful for having made all these amazing experiences and human connections and being able to share them with others. I hold all of these memories dear to my heart – without travelling I wouldn’t be who I am today.