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Homesick? What I miss about Germany.

When being away from your home country for a long time you’ll always carry a bit of homesickness within your heart, no matter where in the world you are. Of course I can only speak for myself here, maybe others feel completely different. I truly do miss Germany (or just Europe in general) all the time after not having been there for almost 14 months now. This doesn’t mean I’m miserable all day long thinking about how much I miss Germany, I don’t even feel sad about not being in Germany. Yes, sometimes when I look through photos from Germany,… Weiterlesen »Homesick? What I miss about Germany.

How do I afford to travel so much?

 „How do you afford to travel so much?“ A question I get quite regularly so I’m touching upon this topic as I like to talk openly about these things and I always appreciate it when other people do. First of all: No, I’m not rich, I don’t have rich parents and no one but me pays for my travels. Before doing lots of travelling this year I haven’t really been anywhere for 2 years after my last trip to Morocco in 2016. Back then I finished studying, got a job and stayed in that job (which I hated btw..) for… Weiterlesen »How do I afford to travel so much?

How to deal better with being anxious and nervous before a trip.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a two-week trip and I’m always pretty nervous before leaving. As soon as I have reached my destination, everything is fine. So, I’m actually not scared about visiting other countries, just the thought of how to get there stresses me out a little. I have already been on several trips now but everytime it’s the same: I’m thinking too much about what to take with me, if I have booked everything right, what could go wrong etc. To be fair, a lot of things went wrong on my last trips.. but anyway, I’m working on myself to worry less… Weiterlesen »How to deal better with being anxious and nervous before a trip.

Why you should travel alone.

At least once in your life. Travelling with other people and being able to share these memories with them when you’re back home is amazing but travlling alone also is. Why? Here are some reasons.. Travelling alone is a big challenge. From the moment you leave the house, you need to find your way around everywhere on your own: Train stations, airports, busy streets in a foreign countries,.. This can be really hard and frustrating but in the end you’ll see that you always arrive at where you wanna go somehow sometime. And when something goes wrong you need to find… Weiterlesen »Why you should travel alone.

To feel like a child again.

Today I went to the swimming pool as I didn’t want to go running outside because of the grey and rainy weather. Watching the children there and how excited they are made me think back to my childhood. I remembered how I was the same as a child. Always excited when being somewhere like a swimming pool, shopping center, cinema,.. Every day was so special somehow, like little adventures. I always was so curious and discovered new things. The days felt so much longer back then than they do now. Today I’m not excited when going to the swimming pool, it’s just nothing… Weiterlesen »To feel like a child again.

Future Travel Plans

I thought I’d make a little bucket list of the places I’d love to visit. To be honest with you, at the moment I don’t have the possibility to go anywhere as I’ve just finished studying and have no money left. So I need to work for quite a while now to afford travelling. But this doesn’t keep me from dreaming and making plans. 😉 I was thinking about maybe doing some work & travel first before I’m 30 (as I’m too old after) to save some additional money to visit other places afterwards. The problem is that it’s not easily… Weiterlesen »Future Travel Plans

Get out.

I just want to remind you to get out of your house and out of your routine even if for a few days, even if only for one day! I know how hard it can be to travel or do amazing activities if you don’t have the money or the time at the moment which is the case for me right now. But whenever possible, do something. You don’t even have to leave your country, not even your region. You can also go out and discover your local nature. It just came to my mind again in this moment how… Weiterlesen »Get out.

Too old for travelling?

When I told my parents that my plan is to get a job, save some money and then quit (if I have to) to travel a lot because I haven’t seen enough of this world yet, their first reaction was “But you have to start working again after studying and get a safe job. You didn’t work a lot so far and you have to think of your retirement. You’re already turning 27 this year!”.

But should your age really keep you from doing what you want? Leaving aside that fact that 27 isn’t old.. I even think being over 30, 40 oder 50 is not too old to start travelling. Some people only realise later in life what they truly want to do and what they’ve been missing out on so far. So should these people like me say “Okay, now it’s too late, bad luck.. I’ll bury my dreams, work for my retirement and die”? I don’t think so.. Of course, maybe it would’ve been smarter to go travelling directly after I’d finished school with 18 but I didn’t even think of this. I was quite a different person back then and didn’t have this desire to travel but now I do. I think you always should do what feels best for you at the present time. And even if I experienced a lot of things back then, should this mean not going on with this when I’m older?

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Where have I been so far?

Unfortunately not in too many countries.. yet. 😉 I just counted them: Austria, Italy/Sicily, Spain/Mallorca/Tenerife, Portugal, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden & Norway. So I never left Europe.. hopefully my next trip will be to a non-Europe country. 🙂 Make yours @