Life will happen anyway.

“What are you going to do with your life? It’s a surprise!” I see quotes like this all over social media these days, especially from people that are about 16-19 years old. There are also lots of young people writing about how they worry about not knowing what to do with their life like if they should go to college, what profession they should get etc. Why am I writing this? Because I think it’s funny in a way.. When I was that age I was the same. I had absolutely no idea. After school I was unsure if I should… Weiterlesen »Life will happen anyway.

Making Decisions

Making decisions has always been one of my biggest struggles. I think a lot of you can relate to this. It just came to my mind though that in fact we should feel lucky that we are able to make different decisions. Most people in the world are not, many of them don’t have a choice at all. You can always see things from two sides, it really is true. For other people the decisions I have to make at the moment and the problems I have to face sound like paradise, I’m sure. So, if you are able to… Weiterlesen »Making Decisions

Sacrificing your dreams for others?

So last night was really emotional for me. I had a discussion with my parents about.. well, basically about what’s the right way to live your life. I told them I want to get a job now after studying to – among other things – save up for travelling later in my life and where I plan on travelling. Of course, my parents didn’t agree with this. They say I’m not normal and I can’t just do this and that I have to think about my future. But.. isn’t this my future? Ah no.. I forgot. My future is to… Weiterlesen »Sacrificing your dreams for others?

Staying positive can be hard sometimes.

I just got another refusal for a job I applied for so I start to get a little frustrated. I know I shouldn’t because this doesn’t make anything better and I should stay motivated. But this was a job I really wanted to do so it’s easier said than done. I even called them to get a feedback and to ask if there really is no change to get an invitation for an interview because I told myself not to give up that easily anymore. (Edit: Ok, they refused me because they need someone right now and not in a… Weiterlesen »Staying positive can be hard sometimes.

They say it’s never too late.. start a blog. 😉

Well, so the last weeks I was surfing on the internet quite a lot and found a lot of blogs and youtube channels that have been so inspiring to me that somehow this evening out of the blue I decided to launch a blog. I have absolutely no experience with blogs but hey – who has when starting a blog? 😀

In this post I just wanna introduce myself a little and what I plan to put on this blog.Weiterlesen »They say it’s never too late..