Memories of 2017

The end of the year has almost come.. time to take a look back. 2017 has been so different from what I thought it would be. At the end of 2016 I thought this new year is going to be MY year. That I would quit my job, spend the winter outside of Germany and so much more. But well, not really.. in fact, 2017 hasn’t been much different from 2016 and quite uneventful. No big changes happened – no travels, no new job, no new relationship,.. Anyway, I think every year shapes you and your life in a certain way.… Weiterlesen »Memories of 2017

29 things I’ve learnt in 29 years.

Today is my 29th birthday which I consider to be the perfect day to reflect on a few important things I’ve learnt in all of these years that have passed. So let me share with you 29 things I’ve learnt: Now is the only thing that’s real. The past has gone, the future is uncertain, so be present in this very moment. You will feel stress and anxiety fade away. When one door closes, another will open – always. So don’t be scared, take risks, life will always go on. There is a very close connection between your body and… Weiterlesen »29 things I’ve learnt in 29 years.

Liebster Award – Questions & Answers

I got nominated by Sandra from Lana Lifestyle to join in the “Liebster Award”. <3 It’s a German blogger game but I decided to give the answers in German and English as a lot of my readers don’t understand German. I’ll start with English, you can find German below. What makes you happy? There are so many things but I think it’s mainly the small non-materialistic things: a good book, beautiful music, nature, running, surfing, animals, doing something for others, feeling loved, delicious food.. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be? I would… Weiterlesen »Liebster Award – Questions & Answers

The worst is yet to.. probably not come.

85% of what we worry about never happens.. Five hundred years ago, Michel de Montaigne said: “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.” I’ve just read an article sharing this percentage information found out in studies. And I mean, yes.. I can totally imagine this to be true. How often do we imagine worst-case scenarios in our head that in the end never occur? At least I do, that’s one of my main struggles and the reason I worry so much all the time. I worry about things that will probably never happen! Anyway,… Weiterlesen »The worst is yet to.. probably not come.

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Let’s talk smartphones & social media.

“The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media.” I’ve seen this quote a lot and it’s so true. The best laughs and most memorable situations I’ve experienced don’t make it to my Instagram account. I’ve just finished this book called “Digital Depression” and although it’s already clear to me how obsessed we as a society are about with smartphones and social media, I really enjoyed reading it. It’s so well written, so up-to-date, so on point. You see people starring on their screens all day long – while shopping, partying, having conversations, being at work, going for… Weiterlesen »Pictures or it didn’t happen? Let’s talk smartphones & social media.

To be free.

So far in my life there had never been a point where I loved everything I do – except for when I was a child, I guess (although even back then there had been days I didn’t wanna go to kindergarten). In school I had to do stuff I couldn’t stand all the time. After school there was a phase when I had nothing to do except for a part-time job at Subway (actually my favourite job so far) but on the side had the pressure to write applications and go to job interviews. I didn’t enjoy the job I… Weiterlesen »To be free.

Instagram Q&A – Your questions, my answers.

I asked you to ask me some questions on Instagram a while ago and actually got quite a few.. I’m going to answer them in German and English as I got questions in both languages. Oh and by the way, before I start: I also have a Tumblr account (plantifulalexandra) so there is always the option to ask me something there, even anonymously. So, let’s start answering.. Why and why did you start with Instagram? I actually scrolled down to the start of my account for this: I started in May 2015. And why? Well, I’ve been looking through Instagram already for… Weiterlesen »Instagram Q&A – Your questions, my answers.

Don’t be jealous, be inspired.

To be completely honest with you: I’ve been jealous of others a lot for a long period of my life. Thoughts that went through my head were for example “why is she so pretty”, “why does she have this hot boyfriend”, “her life looks so perfect”, “everyone likes her, why can’t I be more like her” etc. And let’s face it: I guess most people can relate. And it’s human to have feelings and thoughts like this. In fact, jealousy itself isn’t a bad thing. It shows us what we desire and how we’d like our lives to look like. The… Weiterlesen »Don’t be jealous, be inspired.

Reflecting on 2016 & New Year’s resolutions for 2017.

I found a little list of New Year’s resolutions that I made last year for 2016 and while reading through it, I had to start smiling because I achieved like 90% of what I wrote down or even surpassed my goals. I’m not too serious when it comes to these resolutions because I believe in setting new goals anytime during the year. I also don’t think you need to start with working to achieve what you want right at the beginning of the year. For example: A lot of people have the goal to lose weight but maybe the start of… Weiterlesen »Reflecting on 2016 & New Year’s resolutions for 2017.

Identity Crisis.. at the end of my 20s?

When you are in your teens, you are confused. You don’t really know who you are or who you wanna be. You know that it is normal and you believe that you’ll have it all figured out once you’re and adult and “grown up”. And here I sit, more confused than ever.. For all my life I’ve felt this weird inner “identity conflict”. I feel too versatile to feel steady. I like so many different things that don’t really fit together and I get thrilled by different things, different ideas and different lifestyles so easily. One day I’m obsessed with this… Weiterlesen »Identity Crisis.. at the end of my 20s?