7 lessons 2020 has taught me.

I see so many people say that not much has happened in 2020 but looking back, for me that’s actually not true – especially not for the first half of the year. Quite a bit has happened in my life in 2020 and it has also taught me some lessons: Don’t ever take what you have for granted. Your situation might not be perfect but there will maybe come a time that you wish yourself back to this life you have right now and realize how beautiful and special it actually was. Being in a low place is okay. Feeling… Weiterlesen »7 lessons 2020 has taught me.

Memories Of A Life Without Social Media

Or without a smartphone really. This morning I woke up at 4.30 thinking about my life before I had a smartphone, before I had any social media account – which I find myself thinking about a lot lately. Now this is not gonna be a post about how toxic social media is, how social media ruined my life and so on. However, I definitely do think that social media can have a big impact on your mental health and that we need to be aware of why and how we use social media. With this post I want to remember… Weiterlesen »Memories Of A Life Without Social Media

2021 – what’s next?

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blogpost! I think that’s because I have a podcast now as well. It’s the place where I share a lot more personal topics which I before did here on this blog – my podcast is only in German though. However, I spontaneously decided, I wanna write a little update. I get quite a lot of questions from people – on social media and in real life – about what my plans are. If I’m staying in Germany, if I’m leaving again, where I plan on going, when I plan on leaving… Well,… Weiterlesen »2021 – what’s next?

Birthday Reflections: Who would have thought this would be my life at 32?

28th October – 32 years ago I was born into this world. It’s true that age is just a number but sometimes I still can’t believe I’m already 32. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I turned 18? And back when I was 18, would I have ever thought that my life would look the way it does now at 32? Probably not… I would’ve never thought that my early 30s would be so crazy. Back then I though that once you hit 30 your life is basically over because 30 is “so old”, how wrong I was, haha. So far… Weiterlesen »Birthday Reflections: Who would have thought this would be my life at 32?

Trust the timing of your life.

“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets accomplished.” And we are a part of nature, too. In this day and age we’re so used to instant gratification because we can just get anything we want at anytime really – social interaction, likes, entertainment,… We aren’t used to waiting and being patient anymore, we want to have everything right now in this very moment. And if it doesn’t happen right away, we might think it’s not worth it, we‘re a failure or it wasn’t meant to happen. But hey – good things often take a bit of time, right? The funny thing… Weiterlesen »Trust the timing of your life.

Authenticity – what does it really mean?

Authenticity – a word we see so often on social media but what does it actually mean? Does it mean sharing each and every part of your private life?⁣Posting unedited photos that you may not even like?⁣Sharing your honest opinion on every single topic out there?⁣ I guess we all have our very own definition and idea of authenticity but for me it doesn’t have anything to do with any of the above.⁣⁣You don’t have to share everything or post unedited photos if you actually enjoy taking beautiful photos and expressing your creative side through editing.⁣You don’t have to share… Weiterlesen »Authenticity – what does it really mean?

Hello, June.

NEW MONTH NEW BEGINNING NEW INTENTIONS NEW OPPORTUNITIES Hello, June. A new month always gives me fresh energy to work on what I wanna achieve. For this month my focus lies on 2 main goals: 1. Stepping it up with my business and bringing it to the next level. 2. Seriously sit down and figure out what I’m gonna do with my life when leaving Australia in August. It’s a very emotional time for me right now but I have to leave Australia, there’s no way around it and the time of pushing it to the back of my mind… Weiterlesen »Hello, June.

Create a life you love.

Imagine you had a life you don’t need a vacation from… What would that look like? Where would you live?What would you do for work?What people would you be surrounded by? What would your daily routine look like?What would you do for fun? How would you feel? There are so many questions we should ask ourselves every now and then and check if we’re truly living the way we’d like to live but often we rarely do it. Why? Maybe because we could find out we’re actually not happy with our job or our relationship? Or because we fear change?… Weiterlesen »Create a life you love.

Travelling doesn’t fulfill me…

…anymore. To read this might be hard to believe as I know a lot of you reading this probably dream of leaving their home country and go travelling longterm or even fulltime. But hear me out: I’ve been there. Some years ago all I wanted was to leave Germany and travel the world, so I totally get it. And I still love travelling, it’s a beautiful thing to do. It broadens your horizon, sparks creativity, makes you understand different people and cultures better, might teach you how lucky and privileged you actually are and of course you get to see… Weiterlesen »Travelling doesn’t fulfill me…

9 things I’m grateful for in 2019.

1) Before anything else I’m beyond grateful for my partner and all the love and support he shows me and the love I feel within myself. It’s not always been easy with our situation and it probably won’t get any easier in the future but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the little life I have with him.. with him and the dogs. <3 And not to forget about his wonderful family that welcomed me with open arms as if I’d always been part of to the family. 2) I’m also grateful for my own parents and… Weiterlesen »9 things I’m grateful for in 2019.