Surfing & Citylife in Morocco

After my first trip to Morocco earlier this year, I went back to this country again for 2 weeks this month. Last time I visited the rural area in the South but this time I went to Casablanca and Rabat. Rabat is the capital of Morocco. Why Morocco again? There are 3 reasons for this: 1. I fell in love with this country the last time. 2. I wanted to go surfing again which is possible there. 3. One of the surf instructors I knew from the last time asked me if I wanted to visit again and to take surf… Weiterlesen »Surfing & Citylife in Morocco

Surfing in Morocco

I spent the last 2 weeks in Morocco at Deep Curl Surf Camp and just want to tell you a little bit about my trip.. First of all: I did this trip on my own. I always wanted to visit Morocco but not alone as a woman. Then I had the idea of going to a surfcamp so I won’t be all on my own. I wanted to try out surfing again anyway because it’s such a beautiful sport and because I wanted to challenge myself a little with trying to overcome my fear of waves. When I started my trip I… Weiterlesen »Surfing in Morocco