Vegan in Venice

Last weekend I went on a trip to Venice for 4 days with my parents. Has been quite a while since I’d travelled together with them but I told them I was planning to visit Venice and they asked if they could join, so why not? 😉 I can remember I’ve always wanted to visit Venice, I just think it’s a city you must’ve seen in your life, it’s so special with being the water city that it is. As often, I booked our accommodation via airbnb, it’s just the easiest and cheapest way to find one. We didn’t stay… Weiterlesen »Vegan in Venice

No formaggio, please.

Finally a more current travel report..

In April this year I went to Sicily with my boyfriend for a few days – my first vegan vacation!
I was a little worried about getting vegan food there but it was absolutely no problem. In Italy you can always eat pasta with vegetable sauce, pizza without cheese, antipasti,.. You just have to make it clear to the waiters which can be a little tricky if you’re not talking any Italien, like me. So I just always said “no formaggio, no formaggio” and made funny gestures. 😀 So it really was no problem.


Weiterlesen »No formaggio, please.