Lions should go vegan, too?

Quite a few times already, I’ve read the question “So you vegans want lions (or other predators) to go vegan as well, right?” Wrong. In my opinion, to claim that vegans want meat-eating animals to go vegan is quite ridiculous and nonreflective. If you think about it, it’s pretty logical why but I will explain it here anway, using the example of the lion: Unlike humans that are omnivores (or even rather herbivores), lions are carnivores which means that their bodies are designed to only digest meat, they need meat to survive. We don’t need any animal products to survive. We as humans think about what… Weiterlesen »Lions should go vegan, too?

How veganism changed my life.

Going vegan changed so much more for me than just the way I eat, it literally turned my whole life around. This probably sounds so cliché, I know, but it’s true. So here’s what changed for me: Veganism cured my unhealthy relationship with food Since being a teenager I had struggled with my eating habits and even had an eating disorder, you can read more about this here. Even after overcoming this phase, my relationship with food was never relaxed, I still had lots of disordered thoughts in my mind, was often restricting myself, then again eating way too much, having crazy cravings… Weiterlesen »How veganism changed my life.

„Vegan isn’t equal to healthy.“ True, but..

When bringing up the health benefits of a vegan diet, some people try to bring veganism down with the argument that „vegan isn’t equal to healthy“. Actually this is true. Being vegan doesn‘t automatically mean that you‘re eating healthy. Why this argument bothers me anyway and in my opinion doesn’t make sense at all: People that care about eating healthy before going vegan will most likely not go over to a vegan junk-food diet, I myself am the best example for this. Although I originally went vegan only for ethical reasons, I always cared about eating healthy (or what I… Weiterlesen »„Vegan isn’t equal to healthy.“ True, but..

For our planet.

One of the reasons for going vegan besides the animals and our own health are environmental reasons. In my opinion you can’t call yourself an environmentalist if you consume lots of animal products, here’s why: Our population is growing and with it the amount of people that ask for animal products. For our whole planet, livestock farming is a big burden though. It leads to deforestation, climate change, decreasing water resources and water quality, decreasing variety of species and starvation of people. About 70% of the worldwide agricultural area and about 30% of the worldwide waterless area is used for livestock farming and also about 8% of all the… Weiterlesen »For our planet.

Banana Icecream aka Nicecream.

Vegans can’t have icecream, right? Wrong, they can! And not only some expensive and often unhealthy soy or coconut icecream that you can find in some shops (not saying you can’t have them as well, of course 😉 ). I guess some of you may have already heard of banana icecream/nicecream. Btw, it’s called nicecream because it’s a crueltyfree and no cows have to suffer for it. 🙂 I haven’t really been in the mood for it for a while because of winter. As this winter is way too warm though here in Germany, I just started to get it back… Weiterlesen »Banana Icecream aka Nicecream.

You can’t be 100% vegan.

Often when talking to other people that aren’t vegan, you get the argument that “you can’t be 100% vegan anyway”. In my opinion, this statement is absolutely true. You can’t be vegan/perfect to the fullest as a human. Somehow there will always be animals that suffer for you. Vegans also need food and to get fruits, vegetables, grain,.. smaller animals like insects or mice will die in the process of getting them. Vegans also use computers or drive cars and while I’m not really sure for what exactly animals suffer to make those products, they certainly do. And yes, vegans also pollute… Weiterlesen »You can’t be 100% vegan.

Vegan Advent Calendar Give-Away | 23

This Give-Away is only for Germans, Austrians and Swiss but I write in English anyway (German post below) as this is not only about the Give-Away. Most people who take part in this post a recipe but as I’m not too talented in creating fancy christmas recipes, I guess (or too lazy, haha 😀 ), I want to talk about another christmas topic: Christmas as a “consumption holiday” Many people complain that christmas is all about consumption and spending a lot of money on things you don’t really need. And that people only enjoy christmas for getting presents and don’t… Weiterlesen »Vegan Advent Calendar Give-Away | 23

Vegan for Ethics / Vegan for Health

Today I want express my opinion on these two different “kinds” of veganism. First of all: I myself went vegan 100% only for the animals, not for my health or because I want to lose weight. Of course, I learned about the other benefits of going vegan quite quickly, including the environmental ones, but I guess, I would have never turned vegan if it wasn’t for the animals. Why is that? Well, to me it is just so easy to be and stay vegan when I think about all the animals suffering for our pleasure. Right before finally going vegan, I couldn’t… Weiterlesen »Vegan for Ethics / Vegan for Health

Announcement: Vegan Advent Calendar Give-Away

December is starting tomorrow and we can open the first little door of our Advent calendar. <3 I’m happy to announce that I’m taking part in an give-away hosted by The Bird’s New Nest. There is a calendar with an article of a vegan blogger behind each door featuring a Give-Away. Just click on the number in the calendar at the bottom of this post to get to the articles. To win you simply have to follow the rules in the article of the blogger within one week. I guess that mainy Germans, Austrians and Swiss are able to take part (also in… Weiterlesen »Announcement: Vegan Advent Calendar Give-Away

Should you supplement Vitamin D?

I never supplemented Vitamin D so far but I started doing it this autumn and I will keep it up during winter. But not because I’m a vegan. Vitamin D deficiency is not a vegan problem but more a general problem for people that live in regions with little daylight during winter. We get about 80-90% of our needed Vitamin D from the sun. The skin can produce it itself when exposed to the sun. I myself go outside regularly but during the darker seasons it’s not really possible for me to get enough sunlight during the week anyway as I’m… Weiterlesen »Should you supplement Vitamin D?