Why I’m not changing my name.

The other day I got a comment under one of my Instagram photos telling me “you’re disgusting, you’re a carnist, you were never vegan, you should change your account name”. First of all I felt that comment was pretty rude and second no, I’m not gonna change my name. Here’s why.. It’s true that I originally chose the name plantifulalexandra in reference of only eating plant foods. However, over the years I got quite attached to the name and people know me (or my account) under that name, it’s pretty much my “online identity”. I don’t see the point in… Weiterlesen »Why I’m not changing my name.

Why I ditched the vegan label.

First of all: This will probably be the longest blogpost I’ve ever written but please make sure to read it all if you want to understand where I’m coming from. After you’ve done that feel free to judge me or unfollow me on social media if you still feel like doing so. Thank you. Oh and don’t worry, this is not the next “my vegan diet made me sick that’s why I quit” kind of story and it also has nothing to do with other vegans who’ve recently quit veganism but with all the personal changes I went through the… Weiterlesen »Why I ditched the vegan label.

For your health.

I already talked about the benefits of going vegan for the animals and for our planet. While I personally only went vegan for ethical reasons originally, I also learned about the health benefits that come with a plant-based diet and could already experience actual improvements in my health. The first big benefit of cutting out animal products from your diet is that you’re also cutting out all the unhealthy stuff that can be found in them such as growth hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol or saturated fatty acids. Those things have been proven to increase the risk of all kinds of diseases, e.g.… Weiterlesen »For your health.

For our planet.

One of the reasons for going vegan besides the animals and our own health are environmental reasons. In my opinion you can’t call yourself an environmentalist if you consume lots of animal products, here’s why: Our population is growing and with it the amount of people that ask for animal products. For our whole planet, livestock farming is a big burden though. It leads to deforestation, climate change, decreasing water resources and water quality, decreasing variety of species and starvation of people. About 70% of the worldwide agricultural area and about 30% of the worldwide waterless area is used for livestock farming and also about 8% of all the… Weiterlesen »For our planet.

For the animals.

In this post I want to talk about the ethical reasons for going vegan a little more detailled than I did in my first article on this topic. My main reason for going vegan was that I just couldn’t go on supporting the suffering of animals anymore. So if you are not vegan yet, maybe this brutal truth written down here will help you to become vegan. At least I started thinking about it when I heard the truth and watched some horrible videos. I know, this does not work for all people, some become vegan for their health and learn… Weiterlesen »For the animals.

Why vegan?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

That’s why. I used to think that one single person doesn’t make a difference but I completely changed my way of thinking.

I’ve known for years that something went completely wrong in our world today. I knew about the suffering of the animals. I’ve never been someone who said “if you buy organic animal products it’s ok, it comes from happy animals”. I kept on eating everything anway because I was really good in suppressing these things (like so many people are..).

I even admired vegans but I said “I think it’s great but I could never do it myself”. Well, turned out I can.


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