Getting off the pill: Changes after two months.

I just want to give you an update on my experiences with getting off the pill. It’s been two months now and not too much has changed anymore except for two things: Pimples. It’s too bad but I really seem to get more of them now that I don’t take the pill anymore. I really hoped to be spared from them. It’s still not as bad but I get more of them like I used to and also in places where I never had them like my back and cleavage. And I have the feeling that it will get worse.. fortunately… Weiterlesen »Getting off the pill: Changes after two months.

Getting off the pill: Changes after one month.

Time for another update! If you haven’t read my last article where I talked about my mental and physical changes after one week being off the pill, you can find it here. So, what can I say? Firstly, I didn’t gain or lose any weight. As far as I can tell.. I don’t really weight myself anymore. 😉 After about 2 weeks my skin got a little more oily and I got some more pimples like I usually do. However, after one month now my skin is almost like it was when I took the pill. I’m not even sure if… Weiterlesen »Getting off the pill: Changes after one month.

Should you supplement Vitamin D?

I never supplemented Vitamin D so far but I started doing it this autumn and I will keep it up during winter. But not because I’m a vegan. Vitamin D deficiency is not a vegan problem but more a general problem for people that live in regions with little daylight during winter. We get about 80-90% of our needed Vitamin D from the sun. The skin can produce it itself when exposed to the sun. I myself go outside regularly but during the darker seasons it’s not really possible for me to get enough sunlight during the week anyway as I’m… Weiterlesen »Should you supplement Vitamin D?

Getting off the pill: Changes after one week.

I stopped taking the contraceptive pill one week ago after taking it for over 10 years! As deciding to do this was a big step for me and it scared me a lot (and still does) because of all the possible negative side effects that can come with it. I’m really grateful for other women out there sharing their experiences. I wouldn’t even have thought about doing it in the first place if it wasn’t for other women inspiring me! This is why I want to do the same. I want to encourage women to stop taking the pill and… Weiterlesen »Getting off the pill: Changes after one week.

Listen to your body, it’s okay to take a rest.

This week has been pretty busy for me. I also didn’t feel my best physically and I still don’t. I only went for a run on one day this week so far and it’s already Friday evening. This is why I thought first “Okay, I will go for a run today despite that it’s raining, I have muscle ache in my legs and I’m feeling tired and worn out and all I want to do is to relax and sleep.” But then I just couldn’t motivate myself. I was actually starting to stress myself a little, I have to admit because I always think… Weiterlesen »Listen to your body, it’s okay to take a rest.

Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Exercise

In my last post I gave some tips on what to do to keep a healthy diet, this time I want to talk about exercising. Especially when having a job where you sit all day it’s really important to get some sport to stay happy and healthy. First of all: When I started running regularly about 4 years ago, I was actually working full time and it even was autumn at that time which means the days were getting light later and dark earlier here in Germany. I still managed to start implementing a running routine, being unsporting and starting with zero… Weiterlesen »Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Exercise

Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Eating

Like I said in my previous post, I’d like to share some tips with you on how to eat healthy when you have limited time. So let’s get straight to the point, here’s what I’m doing: Eat a wholefood plantbased diet! For me this is the healthiest diet in the world and the cheapest and simplest as well! If you don’t have a lot of time between getting up in the morning and due to that have no time for breakfast, try to get up at least 15-20min earlier to get in a healthy breakfast – you will get used to this… Weiterlesen »Staying healthy when working fulltime/having little time: Eating

Staying healthy when working fulltime / having little time?

Many people say they don’t have the time for eating healthy and working out when they have a fulltime job. Especially a 9-5 job can be tricky as you leave the house in the morning and come home in the evening so you don’t have a full morning afternoon to get something done. I know how it feels, I just started working a fulltime job this week again but so far everything is fine. On a sidenote: No, I’m not sharing my experiences from 3 days of working, I already worked fulltime before I went studying and had quite a long… Weiterlesen »Staying healthy when working fulltime / having little time?

“Do I have an eating disorder?”

I guess there are people out there asking themselves this question. This may sound weird because you’d think that if you have one, you know it. But no, it’s not as easy as that. When I developed eating problems as a teenager I did not know I have an eating disorder even when I clearly had one. And it was not because I was denying it. It simply didn’t get to my mind that what I was doing was a mental disease. I thought I was just really good at loosing weight, that I was smart and found the right… Weiterlesen »“Do I have an eating disorder?”

Supplement Vitamin B12.

Do it. You won’t get the amount of B12 you need from your vegan diet. A B12 deficiency is really dangerous. It can lead to irreparable anaemia, nerve damages and mucosal damages. It’s possible for a deficieny to show up only after years as the storage lasts quite long and especially in vegans it can be hard to feel a deficiency because we often eat lots of folate which can cover the symptoms. Let me explain to you briefly where B12 comes from: Only special bacterias and no higher plants or animals are able to produce B12. Humans and animals also produce it… Weiterlesen »Supplement Vitamin B12.