Exercise “Comeback” Motivation

As you might know, I love running and usually I run about 8-10km on 3-4 days every week. From October to December last year, I had a 3-month break from running because of knee pain that I always got after running. I went to the doctor but the reason for this pain couldn’t be found so that I just decided to take a break from running to try and cure my knee. Just as a little side note.. that’s not what this post is about. What I want to tell you with this blogpost is to get back into your usual exercise… Weiterlesen »Exercise “Comeback” Motivation

My 3-day juice cleanse experience.

I’ve heard so many people talking about their experiences with juice fasting or juice cleansing, whatever you may call it, so I decided to give it a go. Definitely not to lose weight because that’s not what fasting is about and even if you lose some weight, it’s not sustainable when you don’t eat a healthy diet for the rest of the year. I simply wanted to do this out of curiosity, I’ve never done anything like this before. As I said, I’ve heard a lot about it – good and bad things – so I wanted to try it myself to… Weiterlesen »My 3-day juice cleanse experience.

What to love about winter and how to stay positive & healthy during this season.

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas..❄️⛄ I know, many people don’t like winter and really struggle with staying happy and positive. Some people get seriously depressed during that time. I’m a person that loves winter (not driving through snow with my car though..). There are a lot of things to love about christmas time and winter time in general. However, not gonna lie – I often struggle with keeping a positive mindset during this cold and dark season as well. So let me share with you a few things that help me to cheer up and that make… Weiterlesen »What to love about winter and how to stay positive & healthy during this season.

Eat slower, feel better.

Sometimes I catch myself eating too fast and not feeling my best afterwards. I believe a lot of people have this problem. In our stressful times, we of often don’t have the time to spend a lot of time on eating or we just don’t appreciate the food we have enough to take our time to fully and slowly enjoy it as it is available all the time. We all know that it is pretty unhealthy to eat very quickly though. First of all, the feeling of satiety usually just kicks in after 15-20 minutes so that we tend to eat more than we… Weiterlesen »Eat slower, feel better.

Can a vegan diet heal a pollen allergy?

Since I was about 12 years old I had to deal with hay fever every summer and often it was really heavy. So heavy that during some times I had to get up earlier in the morning as my sneezing otherwise would have kept me from getting ready for school in time. My record was sneezing about 85 times in a row. Some days I could not put my contact lenses in because my eyes were too swollen and were itching way too much. Just to give you an idea of how bad it was.. I went vegan around March/April last year, so right… Weiterlesen »Can a vegan diet heal a pollen allergy?

There’s more to health than just diet and exercise.

A lot of people that approach a topic such as health, mainly talk about eating a healthy diet and working out but leave everything else aside. In my opinion, the mental components are so underrated although I believe that they belong to the main influences when it comes to being healthy. I just came home from another trip to Morocco this week and I realized once again what positive effects trips like this one have on my health. Everytime I’m travelling, I feel better than when I’m at home although my diet may not be as healthy as at home or I may not work out as much. On… Weiterlesen »There’s more to health than just diet and exercise.

Why you should throw away your scale.

I believe that the scale can only make you unhappy when it comes to self-love and feeling good in your body. It’s really hard to be satisfied with the number it shows. It’s probably always too much or even too little in case you want to gain weight instead of losing it. In my opinion, the number itself shouldn’t matter. It’s more important to concentrate on what you look like and how you’re feeling. You’re looking slim, fit and are feeling happy and full of energy? Great, then why does it matter if the scale shows 5kg more than you think it… Weiterlesen »Why you should throw away your scale.

„Vegan isn’t equal to healthy.“ True, but..

When bringing up the health benefits of a vegan diet, some people try to bring veganism down with the argument that „vegan isn’t equal to healthy“. Actually this is true. Being vegan doesn‘t automatically mean that you‘re eating healthy. Why this argument bothers me anyway and in my opinion doesn’t make sense at all: People that care about eating healthy before going vegan will most likely not go over to a vegan junk-food diet, I myself am the best example for this. Although I originally went vegan only for ethical reasons, I always cared about eating healthy (or what I… Weiterlesen »„Vegan isn’t equal to healthy.“ True, but..

Getting off the pill: Changes after four months.

This will just be a really short update, the last one I guess, as not much has changed anymore but I want to do it anyway just for the completeness. The biggest change was that I finally got my period back which I’m really happy about.. and thankfully it wasn’t painful at all. I guess this means my hormone system is not completely damaged. 😉 As I mentioned in my last post, I started taking monk’s pepper to get my hormones back into balance again. Of course I can’t be sure that I got my period back because of this but if you’re struggeling with… Weiterlesen »Getting off the pill: Changes after four months.

Getting off the pill: Changes after three months.

Thought I’d make a little update again, also for myself to keep track on what’s going on. 🙂 Like I said in my last post I got a lot more pimples. I still get them but it already got a little better and I guess it’s because of two products I reintroduced into my skincare again. I will write a separate blogpost about this soon. What I still did not get is my period, just some spotting.. I know many women worry about this when getting off the pill and so do I. It really shows you how messed up your hormones are.… Weiterlesen »Getting off the pill: Changes after three months.