So, who’s writing here?

To give you a little idea of myself:

My name is Alexandra, I was born in ’88 and live in Germany.

After graduating from highschool, I went through a business management training and worked in that field for one more year. I decided to leave my company after that year to study health promotion. As I couldn’t find a job in that field after graduating, I went back to working in my old job, for another company though. Actually, I even wasn’t really interested in the jobs that fit what I studied as they were mostly about implementing and evaluating health programs for companies which is not what I want to do. I chose my field of study as I had always been interested in health and nutrition and my dream was always to help others more individually with my knowledge and experience. At the moment, I am not happy with the job I’m doing but I don’t plan on doing this for the rest of my life. Currently, my plan is to save up as much money as possible to go travelling/surfing for quite a while and after that.. who knows? 🙂


What is this website about?

Health & Veganism

I went vegan in March 2015 for ethical reasons, as I didn’t want to support all this animal cruelty anymore. I also care about our planet and animal agriculture is one of the main reasons for the environmental issues we face today. Just after going vegan I found out about all the health benefits it brings. I’ve always been interested in a healthy lifestyle and thought I already eat healthily until I found out that animal products are not healthy for you at all. Today I consider a plant-based diet the healthiest diet of all. Since being vegan my life has changed in so many other ways as well, it’s like I see things clearer today. My whole mindset has changed and with this my goals and priorities in life. I believe that when you move your body and nourish it well, this will not only keep you physically fit and healthy but also mentally.


Travelling enables you to get to know other people, cultures, languages, surroundings,.. It’s impossible for me to think of staying in the same country all your life without being curious of what else there is to see in the world. All the beautiful places and interesting people.. I consider it to be important to challenge yourself and to step into the unknown. It helps you to find out so much more about yourself as well and to expand your horizon. So far I didn’t see as much of the world as I want to but I dream about visiting a lot more countries at some point of my life in the future. This is why I’m not only writing about where I already have been but also about where I want to go, to not lose sight of my dreams. Especially with my re-discovered love for surfing, I just need to leave Germany as often as possible as there is no ocean here where I live.

Self Growth

I want to be open with you and to share personal thoughts about whatever comes to my mind. I know a lot of people struggle with the same things in life or have the same ideas and just don’t know that there is someone who feels exactly the same. When I read about the life and thoughts of other people and about their everyday struggles, I’m often so grateful to see I’m not alone in this. We are all on our own yourney. We all want to grow, live a happy life and become the best version of ourselves. It’s so inspiring to read about other people’s stories and to see what they do to get where they want to be in life. I hope that the stories and tips I share, are inspiring and helpful for others as well.